Arrange for professional exterior painting services in Orange County, CA

Contact our residential exterior painting crew for a brand new look

Your home will be the envy of the neighborhood after getting a fresh coat of paint and stucco repairs from R & J Painting Contractors Inc. We provide high-quality exterior painting services for homeowners in Villa Park and throughout Orange County, CA.

You can rely on us to enhance the look of your home by applying two coats of paint and:

  • Power washing your exterior
  • Sanding your siding
  • Scraping loose material away
  • Evening out paint bubbles

We use reputable Dunn-Edwards paint and Graco tools to provide a seamless paint job. Call 714-319-9512 to schedule residential exterior painting services today.

Our service covers stucco, concrete, and wood. For new wood, we prime it first before painting two coats to ensure it lasts just as long as the other options. We can also provide color matching services for a finish that's pleasing to the eye.

Learn more about our painting process

When you hire us for exterior painting services, we provide detailed work every step of the way.

During our painting process, we:

  • Assess and measure your property before giving a free estimate
  • Power wash and cover your home to protect areas from damage
  • Repair and caulk your stucco, providing a coat of primer for new tiles

We'll power wash on a Saturday and start the covering process the following Monday. The turnaround time for our residential exterior painting service is only a week, so don't hesitate to schedule our efficient team.

We power wash the outside walls of your home 1-2 days prior to painting them, making sure that they're dirt-free. The windows, trees, and anything within four feet of your home is covered for safety. Included in our service are sanding, caulking and wood filling to create a smooth paint surface.